P/S/R Charta

In cooperation with its Expert Advisory Board, the P/S/R Institute has developed the Public Social Responsibility Charta (P/S/R Charta). It is an instrument with which to ensure a socially equitable and high-quality competition in services of general (economic) interest in Europe. The Expert Advisory Board continues to develop the P/S/R Charta on a constant basis. The latter features questions of how to organise services of general (economic) interest in an appropriate way. It also constitutes the framework for sector-specific P/S/R Guidelines which define social, safety and quality criteria.

The P/S/R Charta is a pro bono contribution to the common good:

  • through the democratic principle of access for all to safeguarded services of general (economic) interest
  • through the assumption of socio-political responsibility in liberalized and regulated markets
  • by bridging the poles of economic efficiency and the effectiveness of services of general interest, in terms of their contribution to the common good in liberalised markets
  • through the development and implementation of creative and sustainable approaches to the preservation of local supply and services of general interest
  • by meeting and balancing diverse demands and, thus, contributing to social peace

By acknowledging the P/S/R Charta, stakeholders set an example and demonstrate their commitment to safeguarded services of general (economic) interest, which are affordable and available for everyone.

The P/S/R Charta visualises the willingness of its supporters to provide high-quality services and to counteract social dumping in competition. As such, the P/S/R Charta promotes security of supply and a sustainable and equitable competition based on quality in the European Internal Market.



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